10 Common Wedding Mistakes

It’s a lot of work planning a big day. There are places to be, vendors to co-ordinate, and mother in-laws to wrangle. There’s bound to be one or two things that could go wrong. We hear it all the time “This is my first time doing this”, that’s a good thing and wedding professionals know this, so we’ll always do our best to help where we can.

But your planner doesn’t live with you 24/7, so Kate Wood of The Knot has highlight 10 of the most likely “mistakes” that could happen, and some great solutions for dealing with them!

1- Planning Before Knowing Who Will Be There

Planning your big day is an exciting thing. There are so many things to choose like venues and colours, and who’s going to be standing with you at the altar. But stop for a second and consider who’s coming.

Kate recommends gathering your numbers before working out any of the big details. Yes you’ve had your eye on the perfect venue, but maybe it’s not going to fit in all the guests your parents have planned on inviting…

2- Reading Bridal Magazines + Blogs To The Fiance

Yes there are a lot of things to discuss, and yes it’s His/Her wedding too, but let’s be honest, if you’re the one reading a bridal blog alone at 1AM chances are your partner is happy letting you take the lead on research.

To prevent overloading the other half with too much information, set aside an hour or two once a week for planning and discussions

To check out the full article and the remaining 8 mistakes, be sure to head over to the article here.

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