The 2019 Novel Coronavirus

We’re continually monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and putting precautionary measures in place to keep our clients, guests and staff safe.

We understand that our clients and guests might have some questions. As we will be updating procedures based on recommendations from public health officials, please check this page for updates on any changes to our current operations.


We are conducting in-person tours for events in late 2020 and onwards. If you would like to request a date and schedule a tour please click here. Once the form is complete one of our planners will be in touch to schedule a tour.

For the safety of our staff and future guests, upon arrival please ensure you are wearing a mask and keep it on for the duration of the tour. Hand sanitizer will be available upon arrival. We are only allowing for 4 people to tour the space at one time, any additional guests may be asked to remain outside.

If you’re not well, please do take the time to rest at home and we can reschedule for a later date.


Are you currently hosting events?

We are currently hosting events for people at the municipally allowed guest count of 50 people indoors.

What are you doing to ensure my event will be safe?

Our cleaners and staff have been instructed to take extra care during their work days to clean and decontaminate high-touch point areas such as handrails, door handles and common surfaces such as bars, tables and chairs.

Additional staff will be on hand at events to implement processes that ensure we reduce the chances that a virus would be spread during regular client service.

Hand sanitizer and soap are readily available for you and your guests throughout the space.

What are my options if COVID-19 prevents me from having an event as originally planned??

For clients with a booked event we are offering 3 options:

  • Transfer a portion of the deposit to another date;
  • Go ahead with the booked date limiting the guest-list to the government allowed number of guests;
  • Cancel the event and forgo any deposits paid to date;

Please do contact your event coordinator to begin the next steps with regards to your booking.

Can I transfer my deposit to a later date?

A portion of the deposit will be transferable to a future date. An amount fo the deposit will be withheld to cover administrative costs already incurred with regards to booking and planning your event.

Please contact your event coordinator to begin the process on rescheduling your event.

How will my deposit be refunded?

If your event was booked prior to September 2020, please contact your event planner with up to date address information so that a cheque may be processed for you.

Can my deposit be refunded?

Deposits paid for events booked from September 2020 forward will not qualify for a refund of deposit.

A portion of deposits will be transferable to later dates if events are not allowed to take place due to government imposed limits or shut downs.

Have there been any instances of a guest with COVID-19?

At this time we do not have any instances of a confirmed guest or staff member in the space.

Do you track guest contact information?

At this time all events are required to provide a full guest-list with contact information including phone number and email. This information will be confirmed with guests upon arrival.

In the case of a potential COVID-19 contact, guest data will be shared with the Toronto Public Health officials for the purpose of contact tracing.

How will COVID-19 impact my event?

Aside from potentially having an event smaller than previously planned, guests will have to adhere to the following for the safety of our guests and staff:

  • All guests must wear a mask inside the space. Guests who refuse to wear a mask will be asked to leave;
  • Mask wearing is mandatory anytime a guest is not seated at their table;
  • Drinking and eating may only be done when seated;
  • Guests will not be allowed to dance inside the space. Dancing such as a first dance or dances with parents will be allowed for tradition purposes;